My Close Up Fuji

On to the next test phase of my multi post review of the Fuji HS10, which I took possession of a little over a week ago. So far, all has been so good. Awesome zoom, great low light performance, and features galore. How about macro performance?

The Fuji has two macro settings – normal and super macro. The latter can focus on an object just a centimetre away from the lens at wide angle. So they claim. My experimenting suggests their claim is accurate. This again blows my old Panasonic out of the water – macro was not a speciality of the FZ35.

My reviews haven’t really gone into a scientific, pixel peeping depth. For me it is all about the results on my monitor…more on this tomorrow with my final review post. For now, here’s the proof of the pudding, the photo below, and a set on Flickr. All hand held, and most of them indoors in poor light I might add.

Ancient Engerland Fans


2 thoughts on “My Close Up Fuji

  1. Have I mentioned before how happy I am with it? Yup, in my opinion, my best camera ever! It’s still not a DSLR of course….maybe that’ll come when I’m back in the UK and earning a decent crust! It does have some advantages over a DSLR though….that 30x lens for one.


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