The Postcard Palace

All those postcards I sent out needed a starting place for their journeys across the globe. There are post boxes nearer to home, but I sent everyone of those cards from the Palacio Postal (map) – any excuse to get out at Metro Bellas Artes, have a wander, and take a few shots of possible the grandest post office in the world. This shot doesn’t give too much away about the place, but I liked the fact I managed to get a slight background blur without using Photoshop! I did take a interior panorama for my 365 project some time ago if you want to check out the full view.


6 thoughts on “The Postcard Palace

  1. Kim G says:

    That is one of the nicest buildings of any kind anywhere!

    I was fortunate to have wandered by at about 8:45 pm on my next-to-last day in DF, and was able to take a lovely shot of it just at sunset.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where our post offices tend toward a rather severe 1930’s federalism, not toward venetian palaces.


    • There used to be a museum inside, a few floors up to. There probably still is, but they had it closed off when I went it. Which was a shame.

      Must confess, I have no idea what severe 1930’s federalism looks like in Boston!


  2. RichMont says:

    Loved your map link and what I can do with it! The various resolutions of the picture seen on Flickr are fun to work with even though it does take a while to view the full images.


  3. I’ve just switched onto MS’s Bing maps having used Google’s detailed but rather unwieldy offering. More on this soon….

    And phone Telmex and make them up the speed of your line!


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