Up The Angel

I’ve taken a million photos of the Angel of Independence (map) over the years. You just feel obliged to take out the camera and snap off a few shots every time you go past it. I usually end up deleting them all these days – I’ve not captured in a long time a new angle, a shot I haven’t taken a hundred times already, one that is worth saving.

But I do now have a new set of Angel photos on Flickr, taken yesterday, which you can see by clicking here. I finally did get some new shots. Firstly, because I have a new camera with a whopping 30x lens on it….have I mentioned that I’ve got a new camera? I must have…

Secondly, because after five years of living here and walking past this icon of the city, I finally got there early enough, with sufficient spare time, to go up the spiral stairway and get a view of the city from the balcony at the top of the column, at the Angel’s feet. It’s free, and you can clamber up the 45 odd metres of cramped stairwell too if you can get there before 1pm.

I didn’t capture as many photos from the top as I’d have liked. Nor did I get to test out my zoom lens either. In fact the photos are distinctly average. Such is life. There is a reason. That’s another story. For tomorrow perhaps.

All Gold


6 thoughts on “Up The Angel

  1. Obet says:

    Have you seen the fallen Angel’s original head? its all crushed, deform and big….amazing; its at the entrance of the Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología del D.F. near of the Allende metro station.


    • I haven’t, but funnily enough I went back to an old post on David Lida’s blog about the angel. Kim mentioned the original head now sat in a museum, and I had previously missed his comment. I was going to ask him which museum…now there’s no need! Cheers!


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