The Wax Revolution

No, not a spin off of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, when the Commies were deposed. Just a display of heroes and villains from the War of Independence and Revolution. All cast in solid wax as part of a special Bicentenario exhibition at the Museo Cera (Was Museum) in Mexico City.

More on the museum itself tomorrow. For now, click here to set the full set of photos I took of these venerable characters on Flickr. But not before you try and name the fellows in the picture below – answers in the comment section below. There’s a prize for the winner. Is it worth winning? Do you like IOU’s? Just pretend there’s a prize then…

Oh before I forget, the Mexican government, or at least the one in DF, has dropped special commemorative Bicentenario magazines through everyone’s letter boxes. Good quality magazine it is too. Most generous of them. But. Are they not seeing a pattern? First in 1810. Then in 1920. and now it’s 2010.

You’d almost think the government would shut up about civil wars and revolutions, and brush it all under the carpet, given how many people are really, really upset with those in power. Handing out magazines? Some would say that’s just encouraging trouble, putting ideas in people’s heads like that!


3 thoughts on “The Wax Revolution

  1. Vato loco says:

    From left to right, top to bottom:
    Hidalgo, Morelos, Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Ignacio Allende
    Iturbide (or Aldama…), Vicente Guerrero, Porfirio Diaz, Francisco I. Madero
    Carranza, Eulalio Gutierrez, Pancho Villa, Zapata


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