Museo de Cera

London, Amsterdam, New York and I’m sure a few other cities around the world have Madame Tussauds for their wax iconography needs. Mexico City has the Museum of Wax, just a couple of blocks off of Reforma (map). I don’t know how I’ve missed this one so far. But then Mexico City has some 150 odd museums splattered randomly within the confines of the city limit borders. And I know I haven’t done even 100 of them yet. So still a few to go.

Wax museums are fun though. I like them anyway. A chance to poke Bush in the eye, mock Señor Chavez and get fruity with Shakira. Mmmmm…..Shakira. It’s just as well I went with Paola. Had I gone with ‘the lads’ I suspect I wouldn’t have been so restrained. Although to be honest, her wax model looks nothing like her. You might say that the only time I see her, Shakira’s always airbrushed or got a wad of make up on. I say, hey…it’s a wax museum! Get that wax airbrush to work!

There’s quite a few wax models which don’t look quite right, it has to be said. Churchill, the Queen and Prince William all look a bit off. But there’s plenty that look spot on. And unlike the real stars, the wax models aren’t complete divas, so you can pose with them too. I just wish I’d remembered to put the batteries in my camera.

I bought a cheap set off the street, but went really easy on my flash to make them last. And I really needed the flash for some shots. Actually I was surprised they allowed flash photography of the models. Except for Michael Jackson. I’m sure they’d encourage heavy use of flash camera with him. A little meltage just adds to the realism. Anyway, I took a whole bunch of photos of me, Paola, Beckham, Diego Rivera, Hugo Sanchez, various Mexican presidents and…oh I’ll stop. I don’t want to get a reputation as a name dropper. Click here to go see the photos.



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