Comments, Stats and Lies

For years I’ve been recommending, sometimes pleading, with Blogger bloggers to install the Disqus commenting system on their blogs. Blogger’s commenting set ups suck. Really, really suck. It does work a lot of the time, I guess. But then chemotherapy works a lot of the time. It’s not something you’d go for if there was a better, pain free alternative though, is it?

Disqus integrates Twitter and Facebook in a much better way. It displays on a post in a much more user friendly, more aesthetic manner. And it enables threaded commenting. I personally wouldn’t now use a commenting system without threaded conversations.

The biggest argument I’ve heard against Disqus is that it was tricky to install. I didn’t think it really was, although it wasn’t the easiest plug in ever. That’s all changed now. It really couldn’t be simpler. I tried it out yesterday on one of my Blogger blogs. You register an account, then register a blog (name and url address), and then you click a button. That’s it.

Another plus is that more and more blogs and websites (the Independent newspaper in the UK is a good example) are using Disqus, which makes having an account handy.

In other news, I’ve decided to add buttons to my blog. Stat Counter, because Rich of the Mexfiles can tell which countries his visitors come from, and, because WordPress comments doesn’t offer this into, I can’t. One must keep up with the Jones’, you know. I can now tell you I’ve had 5 visitors from Vietnam in the last twenty four hours. Fascinating stuff. There’s also now a Creative Commons button. Because people keep stealing my content. Now they can’t. Think about it.

Edit: I almost forgot about the lies! Stat Counter says I’ve had 74 visits today. WordPress tells me only 68. It’s possible that WordPress doesn’t count ghosts. They should. I’d like a few more ghosts here. Statistics for blogs isn’t an exact science. So if every visitor could just leave their name, country of origin, length of time spent on the blog, IP address, broswer they are using, OS they have installed….


4 thoughts on “Comments, Stats and Lies

  1. I hate Disqus. I hate that it doesn’t work so much of the time and I hate that I have to type everything out everytime I comment and I just don’t like it. Seriously. The only time I will comment on a blog that has Disqus is if it belongs to a really good blogging friend of mine. Which means, of course, that I would comment on your blogs using Disqus but I’d just skip it on a blog I happened across during my surfing.

    Gosh. I come across as a hater! Have to shift that sweet image somehow!


    • Yes, you’re a hater! They’re still a pretty new outfit – they only really got the ball rolling with any speed in 2008. And I found them to be far from flawless at first. Although still better than Google’s rotten commenting system! They’ve made an awful lot of updates and such since then. Have you tried them lately?


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