The Next Rivera

The walls of Mexico City, outside the Centro Historico, are almost completely covered with graffiti. Not just walls. Anything that has a big enough surface to take a lick of paint from a spray can is fair game. Some say that offenders should be shot. I personally feel that that is going just a little too far. A severe public flogging would suffice in my opinion.

And yet. Some of the graffiti is actually rather good. Perhaps, given that Mexico has produced muralists such as Diego Rivera, Orozco, Siqueiros and others, this shouldn’t be surprising. I took two photos today. The one on the left – should I call it graffiti, or a mural? Or a gramural? There, a new word. I lay claim to it. Gramurals.

It’s a political painting, very much in keeping with the traditional theme of the famous Mexican muralists. Whether you like the message or not, it’s an expression of an ideology that is quite eye catching. The photo on the right? Whoever created that, and I’m sure more than one person is responsible, should be placed in stocks in the Zocalo for the weekend.

But do any of these works further the careers of these artists? Or is the best they can hope for a job with a political party, painting logos on walls – another pretty common sight in DF. Will one of them break through and become the next Orozco. Or perhaps even a Mexican Banksy?


5 thoughts on “The Next Rivera

    • I remember the post funnily enough. In DF, I’ve don’t think anyone takes such action. Unlike the UK where graffiti vandals move about in the dark of night, I’ve seen ‘artists’ pretty brazenly doing their stuff in broad daylight with not a single passer by blinking so much as an eyelid.


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