Why you should always have a camera on you at all times. This little ‘un was playing peekaboo with us at Xochimilco. I got another shot, now heavily filtered, which I like just as much. I will, despite my recent post about the problems I had photographing at the Reforma 222 mall, miss the general freedom to photograph in Mexico. People here, by and large, like being photographed and see no harm in it. Especially, I guess, if you are (or at least look like) a tourist.

This photo would be a no no in the UK, without prior permission. It’s illegal to photograph children, although I can see the logic behind that legal restriction. Having said that, there are risks in Mexico when turning on a camera and pointing them at kids, as a couple of police officers found out just a few months before I came here to live. Not nice.


8 thoughts on “Peekaboo

    • It was a pretty extreme event. It happens now and again. There was a vigilante mob a few months back who stormed a police station trying to get at three thuggish looking chaps accused of kidnapping.

      With the police performance rate being what it is, I guess this sort of thing isn’t entirely surprising.


  1. Wow what a picture! Guess I should get in the habit of having one of my cameras with me at all times. Last week I missed out on some pictures of a Hara Krishna group in the Plaza Grade of Patzcuaro! Who would have ever thought of seeing them out here in the provinces. I had had great shots of children and they are endearing and enduring. But unlike the parts of Mexico with which you are familiar taking pictures here is kind of taboo. This is especially so among the indigenous. I have had occasion to ask several times over for mil disculpas after taking a picture of indigenous people. Even when one asks the answer is likely to be a firm no. And so I respect their wishes.


    • Tsk! Steve…..and you have a great camera as well! Perhaps when you buy a new camera, it shouldn’t be one to replace your FZ35, but to supplement it. One that fits in your pocket!

      I kept my old Lumix TZ5 for just that purpose.


  2. Both shots are great. It is nice to be able to photograph the children in MX without some parent think you are a child molester or kidnapper (for the most part. Such a strange thing with the policemen). I know I should carry a camera all the time but it was raining last night and I left it home. Of course, I saw the most amazing light on the cobblestones.


    • It is pretty grim when your hobby place you in danger of being identified as a child molester, for sure. I do tend to ask permission if a parent is about, or not take the photo, even though here in Mexico it’s not seen as a huge problem. But sometimes, like this time, you just have to point and press before the moment is gone.

      The other advantage for me here in Mexico is that I’m first and foremost identified as a snap happy foreign tourist.


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