Memory Lane

Facebook might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it seems to have had enough appeal for half the planet to sign up so far. They have had issues with privacy, repeatedly, but it’s not something that worries me. I’m of the opinion that you effectively sign away your rights to privacy the moment you log onto the internet. If you really have something that mustn’t be shared, don’t put it on the net in the first place, regardless of any privacy policies. Assume your data will either be given away, sold or stolen and work with that as the basis of your decision making when it comes to typing in details.

But anyway, Facebook. I’ve had a blast from the past this week, and found a few old friends from the old days. Really old days. People who I haven’t heard from for 25 years, since we parted ways having left St Johns prep school at age 13. People who, it turned out, had put photos of our old school days up on Facebook years ago, including a couple with me in them. Begads, I used to have a full head of hair!


4 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Got to see another on of those photo, and where did I see you might ask? On Facebook of course! It is fun to be able to connect with old school chums. It has not happened to me yet because I am out of country, the USA that is. But than again I have not really made much of an effort to find those friends. Last high school reunion that I attended got me face to face with some of the old sport jocks that had grown flabby so I’m not all that sure that I’d want to reconnect.

    Many including my wife have privacy concerns. I agree with you that most privacy is gone once you sign on to the Internet. Found that out in the early days when AOL had a program in my computer that collected my information. I’m sure that things have been going downhill since then with regards to privacy on the web.


    • It has to be said, Facebook is probably as much of a reunion as I’d be interested in with 99% of the ‘old chums’. Too much time has passed to make our lives relevant to each other.


  2. I’m intrigued Felipe….what is it that makes me look so British? Could I not be a New Yorker? Or a native of Philly? Really, I’m interested. Not least because you’re not the first to say so.


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