Pad Thai

Mexico City isn’t the place to come if international cuisine is a ‘must’ for you. Actually, I take that back. There’s plenty of international cuisine. Most of which begins with Mc or ends with King. I meant to say good international cuisine. To be fair you don’t have to search too hard for a decent Italian. The pasta might not be quite what mama back home in Tuscany makes by hand, but it’s more than good enough. There’s a superb Italian in San Angel in the south of the city, although the name of it escapes me.

I have managed to find a decent Chinese before now, but don’t go looking in China Town for it. You really have to get off the beaten tourist track and hunt down good restaurants of a foreign nature. Alternatively, subscribe to Nicholas Gilman’s ‘Good Food in Mexico City‘ blog and let him do the hunting for you. He recently turned up a Thai restaurant, and seeing as today is the 2nd anniversary of a special day, and seeing as Pad Thai is Paola’s favourite meal of all time, we went to check it out .

It’s called Pad Thai, and is tucked away on the corner of Sonora and Durango in Colonia Roma (map) as many decent restaurants, cafes and bars are. And whilst I won’t give you a full review of the place, which Nicholas has already done, and far better than I could, I can confirm it serves pretty good Pad Thai at a pretty reasonable price. With starters, a couple of soft drinks, two main courses and a pot of tea to finish with, our bill came to 278 pesos. It’s a pretty tiny establishment though, with maybe a half dozen tables inside and a couple outside, so you may have to wait a few minutes to get seated if you decide to hit the place during peak hours. But it gets a definite thumbs up from me.


4 thoughts on “Pad Thai

    • Felipe, there is no such thing as spring rolls that are too huge….

      A Thai lady did come over to chat to us. Maybe she was the owner. In which case, I agree. She’s very nice. The place is a little gem.


  1. I have been lucky to find an excellent Thai restaurant in downtown Spokane here called Thai on 1st. In terms of rating systems it gets rated #2 here, but IMO it beats the #1 rated place hands down.

    Me, I like the noodles. 🙂


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