Chiadoni’s Ice Cream

Mexico City is a pretty good market for an ince cream retailer to get into. The customer base is there – 20 plus million people crammed into a large geographical bowl. The weather is just right too, with year round sun. Even in the depths of winter, the afternoons can get hot enough to make an ice cream a refreshing proposition.

So it should be no big surprise for any visitors to notice there’s an ice cream parlour on virtually every street corner. Some are better than others. Michoacanas are everywhere. But I’ll always pop into a Santa Clara if one is nearby, and I have a few extra pesos to spare. But there are other independent ice cream stores which cater for the luxury helado connoisseur. But why UK style ice cream vans have never caught on here, I just don’t know.

We found a very retro ice cream parlour last Sunday. Chiadoni’s have been serving up frozen treats from their shop near the World Trade center (map) since 1939. There’s a whiff of scandal about the place, mind you. Many moons ago, the proprietor flung his wife onto the streets and took up with his maid, who has owned and run the place since his death some years ago. Or so goes the gossip anyway.

But the ice cream is good, the plastic blue seats and kitsch, worn decor reminiscent of glory days decades earlier. The place still gets busy sometimes though, so I’m told. Less so on Sunday mornings when we strolled in.

There’s also the added bonus of clean, free toilets. Which shouldn’t be a selling point really. But not every eatery has one available to the public, and the sanitarios you’ll find on various streets not only charge 2 or 3 pesos, but don’t seem to invest in bleach or a cleaner. And don’t get me started on McDonalds and their lousy public restroom policy. I did write a letter of complaint, which was never responded to. So I’m still boycotting their crappy McSwineflu burgers.


8 thoughts on “Chiadoni’s Ice Cream

    • Is the map not working at your end? Or is this just you being you – hard to please! 🙂

      It’s on Pensylvania, just a few metres from Eje 5 sur. No more than 10 mins walk from the WTC.


      • I prefer to think I have high standards. Some interpret that, incorrectly, as hard to please. But this detailed info is good. Gracias. I see ice cream in my future. That is, whenever I get back to DF, which my wife and I are not doing nearly so often anymore.


  1. Opatije says:

    Very nice…I kinda disagree with the comment above regarding ice cream availability in Mexico. I actually believe ice cream in Mexico is really good and the quality (in general) is far superior to the airy junk sold in US/Canada.

    One of my all time favourites is Dulcería y Sorbetería Colón in Merida. This is a local icon of monumental proportions and the helados they sell are pretty yummy.


    • Oh I dunno….I’ve never found any ice cream establishment to compare to the delights of Leon’s Frozen Custard in Milwaukee. But, for sure, there are plenty of good ice cream parlours in DF. You don’t have to look too far.

      A fussy ice cremist person might turn their noses up at La Michoacanas I guess. I know plenty of people who do. Me? If it’s got plenty of sugar in it, I’m happy!


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