The Head Of The Angel

Last year I left a comment on a blog, which told a brief story about the Angel of Independence and a Spanish Matador. Someone had mentioned in the comments that this was in fact the second angel to sit up there, after the original was destroyed having fallen from the column in a pretty large earthquake.

It isn’t actually a new angel. The original was restored and replaced. Although, months later, I happened to come across that post again and find myself corrected by a later visitor to the blog. Partially anyway.

It turns out that the head of the angel was replaced as the first had been damaged beyond repair, and now sits in a museum. But what wasn’t mentioned, was where. Last month I wrote about my vertigo inducing trip up to the balcony of the angel, which got a comment with more info on the whereabouts of the head. But web searches still didn’t turn up a definitive location.

I asked around and a student came up with a web site, which gave me a more exact location to search. And search I did yesterday afternoon, and I found the head, tucked inside a dark stone lobby of an old colonial building. I can see why a new head was ordered. I took a few photos, which you can see on Flickr – click here. And I have added the location to my Distrito Federal map.

Crushed Angel


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