Mexico City Museum

I trundled along to the Museo de La Ciudad de Mexico. Hopefully, even if you don’t do Spanish, you get that I visited the Mexico City museum. I went there for a reason. A specific one, not just to check out the exhibts. The corner stones of the building are, apparently, pieces of the pre colonial Aztec pyramids. I wanted to grab a photo. I was tired as hell and completely forgot. Next time…

The museum isn’t far from the Zocalo (map – no. 31) and as well as bits of and pieces of Aztec pyramid, boasts a pretty fine collection of paintings, blueprints, drawings, maps and other assorted items that tell the story of Mexico City. The photo below is of an open page of a very large book. The place looked familiar. Yet I couldn’t quite place it. For a while anyway. Now I got it! Click on the image to go to the photo – the title tells all. It doesn’t look quite as grand today, sad to say. Click here to see the photos I took.

Plaza de Toros


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