The Missing Heroes

I strolled into the National Palace today, which is the largest of the buildings surrounding the Zocalo. I’d hoped to find the remains of the heroes of the War of Independence. I’d read on various sites that they’d be on display. I had a good hunt round, but saw nothing. Does anyone know where I should have been looking? I may get to pay a repeat visit on Sunday if I have more info. Still, I found a few more corners of the Palace to explore, and added a few shots, including the one of Benito Juarez looking very Lincolnesque,  to the set I created a few weeks ago – click here.

Benito Lincoln


2 thoughts on “The Missing Heroes

    • We asked yesterday at the door to the palace, and they said the 5th. But I haven’t been paying much attention to what I hear lately and keep getting things wrong, so you may have it right!


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