Worst Jobs In The World

Security officer in Afghanistan or Baghdad. Sewer cleaner in India. Although I’m the wrong caste for that job anyway. Less risky, but equally disgusting would be a western version of tha job – diaper replacement and renovation technician. A job with Verizon doesn’t look terribly appealing either.

Although this job might involve global travel, being a suicide bomber doesn’t strike me as an occupation with much in the way of future career prospects. There’s lots of sucky jobs in fact. But nothing worse, in my opinion, that cleaning the exterior windows of skyscrapers. But then I don’t like heights. This guy would disagree with me I suspect. He just doesn’t look bothered in the slightest.


4 thoughts on “Worst Jobs In The World

    • I’ve got to be honest – the dole, or what passes for it nowadays, in the UK still seems a whole load more appealing that unblocking sewers by hand in India!

      I’m pretty sure the term ‘jobseekers’ came into being under either Thatcher or Major though….that’s what it was called when I last claimed it, and I haven’t claimed benefits since 1996.


  1. The guy in the photo at least has a hard had on with a rigged up basket. From my rooftop, I sometime see the workers changing a large billboard about 20 meters over Xola avenue…no hats, no harness, and wearing sandals! Pretty crazy stuff some people do for work here.


    • Crazy or stupid?! In the UK everyone complains about the mountain of H&S legislation. A typical response is ‘what, do they think I’m stoopid or sumfink?’. Yes, they usually are. And most H&S legislation is simply legislation against stupidity.


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