Gratuitous Totty Post

I wasn’t going to. I really wasn’t. But seeing as I have blogged about Miss Universe before, I finally decided I might as well. Although my previous posts were far more newsworthy. In 2007 Miss Mexico hit the headlines for choosing a dress with dead people on it. Nice. And in the actual contest itself, held in Mexico City, Miss USA managed to fall over, much to the evil delight of the audience.

This year, Miss Mexico managed to avoid any controversy and win the tournament. Of course, when I say ‘avoid controversy’, she still has the next year to get through. There are so many hazards facing her. Such as getting pregnant, appearing in a home made porn film or otherwise behaving in a less than lady like fashion.

Personally, I think these titles should be decided by which of the delectable tarts has the biggest, most visible and most tabloid worthy wardrobe malfunction, and whilst becoming rapidly impregnated shouldn’t be encouraged, I see no problem in her moving forward with a career in the adult movie industry. Sharing is caring. Here’s the video from last night’s event. Sorry, but you really will have to watch the trash at the beginning to see the delightful Jimena Navarette pick up her trophy. Or whatever it is.


8 thoughts on “Gratuitous Totty Post

  1. Ah, I suppose we can pretend it’s all altruistic and noble, luring the unsuspecting into our witty and wise observations on Mexican culture, but … NAH! I looked at my stats, and they went through the roof after my own gratuitous totty post on Miss Universe went up. Though it still has a long way to go to match the number of readers (lookers?) I got from “Nude Gay Mexican!”.

    Too bad we don’t earn any money from this. Of course, if that was the reason, I’d have gone into the on-line porn biz. A little cheese-cake (and beef-cake) now and then, though, can’t hurt.


    • Heh! I should have titled the post better to get maximum views from search engines though. My most popular posts are all food related for some reason. But on Flickr my most viewed post is titled Saxy Lady (many disappointed viewers finding a fully clothed girl blowing into a saxaphone…) and on YouTube a rather poor quality video of some protesters on Reforma titled Funny Naked Dancing Men (or something similar) has more views than all my other videos put together. Can’t think why….

      Nothing wrong with a bit of self indulgent view/stat whoring posting now and again though!


  2. Well you made me look for not other reason that I wanted to see what the new Miss Universe looked like. Saw way to much flesh when I only wanted to look at a pretty face.


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