Carrera Bicentenario 10k

There’s a whole bunch of Bicentenario events, exhibitions and shows taking place to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s independence. Some have started already, but the pace will be picking up as we get closer to the 15th/16th September. And there’s lots planned for the whole year.

On October 3rd there’s a road race organised. Actually, 32 road races – one in each state. I’ve just signed up for the Distrito Federal event. It’s only 10kms, and anyone, almost, could do that. Even if very slowly. It’s also pretty cheap at 100 pesos for the entry fee. Plus 16 pesos extra for Ticketmaster if you sign up on the net. Most events are 200 pesos plus.

These sorts of events are always good fun and it’s a good excuse to get up early(ish) on a Sunday morning and get out into the world around you. This event is being organised by Asdeporte and you can find out more or sign up by clicking here.


4 thoughts on “Carrera Bicentenario 10k

    • Gracias! It starts in the Zocalo, and although there’s no route map up on the site yet, it says ‘through the streets of the Centro Historico’. So no, probably not going through Chapultepec!


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