Monumento A La Raza

There are many things that you need to take a good photo. Too many people worry about mega pixels, high ISO numbers, large apertures, costly lenses and years of experience. They’re all good, but most of all you need the good light. If you’re outdoors then lots of nice natural sunlight. I can prove it.

Look at these photos of the Monumento a la Raza (map – no.33) by Luis Lo taken of a beautiful, blue sky, fluffy white clouds sort of a day. And then check out mine on Flickr. Grey stone and grey car fumes against a grey sky is a dreary combination indeed. So dreary I felt compelled to add some fake blue sky into a couple of them, and run a couple more through some creative filters to bring a little life to them.

I ran across an old photo of the monument the other day when looking through videos for the Mexican Vintage Video post. For the life of me I can no longer find it, which is a shame. The monument hasn’t changed much – stone is like that sometimes. What surrounds it, Insuregentes Norte  has metamorphosed from pleasant looking avenue into monstrous multi lane concrete and steel road, with underpasses, footbridges et al.

Which is a shame, because it’s positioned in a nice little bit of park and should/could be a little haven of tranquillity. As it is, it’s slowly crumbling away here and there. The statues particularly. Most are still in reasonable condition, but several have crumbled feet or missing foreheads.


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