It’s Coming

I’ve really enjoyed the Fuji HS10 that I bought a couple of months ago. But next Monday it’ll have a new owner. It’s sold. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. It’s just there is always something better to buy!

Have I plumped for the Panasonic FZ100? Nope. I also looked at the new Canon S90. And the new Panasonic LX5. Both nice cameras. But I’m not getting either of those. The new G12 is just round the corner, and the rumoured specs sound nice. But nope. Never really been a fan of the Canon G series cameras.

So what have I chosen? It’s uber cool. I’m very excited. Less than two weeks till it arrives! Can you tell what it is yet? Sigh. That little game didn’t last long. It is, as John says in the comments, an Olympus Pen E-PL1. Dan also got it right at the second attempt via email.


12 thoughts on “It’s Coming

  1. Dan in NC says:

    The puppy does not have the tell-tale eye hump of an slr – so it must be a rangefinder – and if it is uber cool : a Leica, probably the D-lux 4…….
    If it is? Neat!
    Dan in NC


    • No tell tale humps, no. But it’s not a rangefinder, and not therefore the D-lux. I’m not made of money! The Leica is a gorgeous camera, but totally over priced. No, the puppy I’m getting will produce photos of much higher image quality than this Leica. It is, in almost every important respect, a superior camera. For menos dinero!



  2. john cooney says:

    love your blog… the new dream camera looks like an olympus e-pl1, great camera for the street shooter. thanks for the taste of mexico.


    • Spot on John. How d’ya guess? Have you got one? I thought the silhouette had one big clue….you could, just about, see the lens protruding on the bottom edge of the image. Lens plus pocket form body….that narrows it down a little!

      Glad you are enjoying the taste of Mexico that I put on the virtual plate…hope you stick around!


  3. Hey Gary!
    Right on! Absolutely right on! Olympus has just released a 300 (600 effective) lens for the Pl-1. I have been holding off waiting to see if Olympus is going to update the 620. I was hoping to make use of the 4/3 300mm lens. Now with the micro 300 lens it makes the Pl-1 a great choice, especially for travel. Will look forward to seeing pics!


    • I have mentioned my general heightened state of excitement already I think….any more and I’ll begin to sound creepy! But yes, I’m really looking forward to getting out and using it.

      Thinking of getting one for yourself?


  4. Wellllllll!
    Did you get the camera yet???? You should know I just saw the Fz100. Very similar in size to the Fz35. The viewfinder isn’t any better but the screen is articulated and has better detail. I think it comes down to do you want to carry a camera lens bag? In my case I get either camera for about the same. The 20mm 1.7 and the 300 mm lens I would like are what will make the difference. It’s about an extra $1,300 Cdn to spend.
    Then there’s the rumored Olympus E-5. Would like to see one before spending any money.


    • I’m hoping to get it on Saturday. Maybe Sunday. Obviously the sooner the better!

      There are a few lenses I’d like for the E-PL!, but none that I can afford yet. But the pancake lens will be my first purchase. That turns the Olympus into an almost pocketable camera. Well….at least a camera that fits in a slim case that can be attached to your belt. That is the killer feature of the E-PL1 for me. I can take it when I’m out on my bike and even shoot one handed if I need to. Or I can take a few lenses on a proper photowalk.

      The FZ100 hasn’t made it into the shops in Mexico City yet. It didn’t get a great reception over on DPReview….massive noise. Turns out the original shots that got posted were screwed up by the photographer. But it’s still noisy at high ISOs. Noisier than the FZ35. Then again, so was the HS10. But that didn’t bother me an awful lot. I found the stabiliser so good on the HS10 I could shoot at lower ISOs.

      I’ll keep my eyes open for the E-5, even though now it will only be out of curiosity!


  5. By the way it was your blog that encouraged me into keeping the Fz35. The camera struggles with light metering on occasion but, on the whole, it’s been very good. So thanks Gary for your help!

    The other camera on the bottom of my list is the Lx5.


    • I liked the FZ35 a lot. It has an awful lot that makes it an easy camera to recommend. Glad you kept it!

      The LX5 is another excellent camera it would seem if the initial reports are anything to go by. Photography Blog already have a review up. Thing is…the price. Five hundred bucks. The E-PL1 I’ve got coming can be had on amazon, albeit by a third party seller, for the same money. And given the extra potential you get, not to mention massively bigger sensor, with the Olympus….well that makes it a no brainer for me. The Olympus wins that one easy.


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