Un Estrella Mas – Tamaulipas

Fifteen days and counting. Un estrella mas. Tamaulipas.


3 thoughts on “Un Estrella Mas – Tamaulipas

  1. Kim G says:

    So why is it that you are posting the videos from the narco-states first? Tamaulipas here and Sinaloa a bit above? Is there a special Ciudad Juarez edition?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we remember America’s bicentennial all too well, down to the patriotically-themed ketchup pouches used in my junior high cafeteria.


    • Just putting them up in order of creation!

      America’s bicentennial? You must be mistaken. Surely everyone knows that the US is still a British Crown Colony???

      (I really wanted to find some of the whacky ‘US is still a Brit colony ‘/’The UN is occupying America’ websites, but they didn’t come up in searches quickly enough. There really are some fruitcakes out there!)


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