Parque Tezozomoc

There’s quite a few parks in Mexico City. Chapultepec is the grandest, and as far as I know the largest. And the most vigorously maintained. Most parks are small, and too many of them are a bit worse for wear. Although there’s plenty of nice ones to take a Sunday afternoon stroll through.

Today I went to Parque Tezozomoc, in the north of the city (map no. 35), near Metro Roasario. This is a largish park by Mexico City standards, and pretty well looked after. I actually had to go into an office and get a permit to take photographs. It also has a sizeable artificial lake.

I took a photo of a poster in the park keepers office, which is in the image below. If the shape of the lake looks familiar, that’s because it was designed to be a replica of Lake Texcoco, which once covered most of modern day Mexico City before the Spanish drained it. It even has the island of Tenochtitlan.

But the best thing about this lake? It’s home to a colony of turtles. Read Eared Sliders (or terrapins in the UK), which can be seen swimming, basking, hiding in long grass and clambering around on rocks all over the place. The water is green, like all artifical lakes in Mexico City, from algae I assume. I’m not much of a lakeologist, so you’d have to ask someone who knows.

But the water must be clean. And there must be a plentiful supply of food. There have been turtles swimming around in this lake for decades. In fact, some of the big ones have probably personally been swimming around this lake for decades. Fish too. And there’s plenty of ducks. It’s quite busy and I’m told visitors throw in food for the fish and turtles at weekends.

If you think you know what I am thinking, you’re probably thinking along the right lines. It’s a definite candidate. More than a candidate I’d say. It’s a beautiful little spot, as you can see from the photos I took – click here. The lake isn’t too big, nor too small. I’ll run it past Bob after he’s had his dinner…


17 thoughts on “Parque Tezozomoc

  1. Kim G says:

    Seriously? A permit to take photos? In a public park? Has a little bit of the new, paranoid USA crept into your little corner of Mexico? Pity that.

    And yes, I guessed your thoughts the minute you mentioned turtles.

    But I’m on record thinking you should just stay in DF and keep the turtles as you have been doing.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we wonder what turtles do when the ponds freeze over


    • A lady selling stuff at the entrance saw the camera in my hand and told us we are meant to get a permit. We passed the office, so we popped in. But I suspect not a lot would have happened if we hadn’t bothered.

      It will be a sad day when the turtles waddle down the slope and plop into the water. But the big ones are big…it’s gotten to the stage where I either find a lake or convert the whole yard into a pond, regardless of my future country of residence!

      When water freezes over, turtles bury themselves in the nearest bit of mud and hibernate till the water unfreezes! 🙂


    • It’s actually easier to get to than you might think. It is just a couple of blocks from a metro station, although I suspect it is in the Estado de Mexico, not DF.

      One of the flaws with Bing maps is that, unlike Google maps, they don’t show the metro stations. But Bing is much more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


      • I have to say I wasn’t sure where it was regards the border. I know my class in Cuatro Camonis is in Estado de Mexico, and it was just a few minutes drive from there….obviously I crossed back over!

        If little Stella likes ducks, she’ll love this park. There’s millions of them. And turtles of course. And fish. But if you’re throwing food in, feed the turtles! They particularly like tuna fish, ham and barbacoa 🙂


  2. When the weather is bad… being chilango turtles… they gather for a “turtle-lia”. Not that I’ve ever heard of water freezing over anywhere in the Valle de México. Parque Tezozomac sounds like turtle heaven… and they’ll still be in el DeFe, if only barely.


  3. P Gonzalez says:

    Nice one! I love a good park me. I’m back in DF in December so will check it out then. Work means I can’t do the walk – are you still going ahead?


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  5. I’m writing this nearly 5 years after the post was written, but I finally made it to Parque Tezozomoc (thanks to reading your blog!). I wrote a post on my blog about the visit called, “Saturday in the Park with Alejandro”.
    Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places… hopefully the turtle population has not gone into decline… but I only saw one turtle the entire time I was there.


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