The End of The Bill

I’m sad. An old friend has passed away. I’ve watched The Bill from pretty much the beginning. That was 27 years ago. The one constant in life has been an hour a week of release from the real world, to inhabit the world of Sun Hill and the coppers that ply their trade in the fictional borough of Canley.

Even when I came here to Mexico five and a bit years ago, leaving England behind me, I didn’t leave the Bill. Thank you internet! I haven’t missed a single episode since I became Mexicanised. I’d watch it on Saturday morning on the long metro journey to work. More recently, when the show moved to a new slot in the UK, on Wednesday mornings at 6am on an even longer metro journey to work.

So the news a few months ago that ITV were cancelling the show, within touching distance of three decades of production, was sad news indeed. I hoped for a reprieve. But none was forthcoming. And this week the final ever episode was aired. Good one it was too. With a very nice ending.

Much better than the Sopranos. Or Friends. Or Lost. Lost was a little complicated, so here’s an explanation if you need it. Being based on a true story, the end of the Tudors was a little predictable, but nicely done. The finale for a show can’t be easy though, and I guess you’ll never keep everyone happy.

But I liked the ending of the Bill. You can see it for yourself in the video below. Every member of the cast appears in one final shoulder shot bit of filming. I like it because it leaves you thinking that this isn’t the end of the Bill, just the end of our view into that world. You never know. Maybe it’ll get brought back one day.


5 thoughts on “The End of The Bill

  1. Dan in NC says:

    The Brits have always done interesting cop shows. The Bill was one of the best – but others have come along recently.. “Wire”, “Mars”, and MI-5 have been eminently watchable! So cheer up! at least they did not deteriorate like Eastenders has!
    Dan in NC


  2. Lyn says:

    How can we register our support to have The Bill returned to viewers all over the world? I shall miss it. Just another decent victim of this strange global society which cannot seem to function without a lot of noise, violence and bad language.


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