Una Estrella Mas – Quintana Roo


7 thoughts on “Una Estrella Mas – Quintana Roo

  1. Dan in NC says:

    Love these clips! I find the use of the models very interesting in a photographic sense – but the use of the animals (THEY are just fraking fantastic!) has an almost visceral impact- either when they are standalone in the scenes, but even more so when they are coupled with the models! THANKS!
    Dan in NC


    • There’s just not been enough turtles! Unless I missed them when I was staring at the lovely señoritas!!!

      These are great videos….it’d be nice if they were saving one or two for release next week, but I’ve heard nothing to suggest they are.


  2. Kim G says:

    There was a nice cameo of a sea turtle swimming in this one. But I agree, far too brief.

    By the way, do you have any idea how they achieve that dark, contrasty look in the video? I’d love to be able to duplicate that in digital stills.


    Kim G
    Where the turtles live in the suburbs


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