Olympus Pen E-PL1 Video

I sacrificed some ‘p’ numbers when swapping my Fuji HS10 for the Olympus Pen. Gone are the days I could shoot in 1080, and I’m back down to 720p. I never could really tell the difference though. Then again, I always watch my videos through Vimeo on a laptop monitor.

I have never really quite got the hang of making a video, for various reasons. I often fail to frame the shoot right for a start. I’m using a reasonable, but not expensive piece of video editing software that I perhaps don’t know how to use properly as well. And my laptop is simply not powerful enough, resulting in some jerky moments.

Nonetheless, here is a quick video I shot using the E-PL1. A clip of an outdoor break dancing session and a clip in low light of a metro train pulling into Bellas Artes metro station. The sound quality isn’t bad at all considering the camera has a tiny, tiny mic. There is a hotshoe stereo mic adapter accessory, which I will probably buy one day.


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