The Big Dry Party

Tomorrow is the day. Well, technically it’s the day after tomorrow. But really, if you ask me, it’s tomorrow.

A lot of workers will work only a half day, if they work at all. And they’ll head off to parties or community celebrations in their part of town, ready to hear the Grito late in the evening, watch fireworks displays and cheer Viva Mexico! It’s finally upon us. The Bicentenario. Two hundred whole years since the daastardly Spanish and their devilish Inquisition were given the boot and sent back to España.

The thing is, the paranoia of a big attack/s at a Bicentenario celebration is clearly running rampant. Half a dozen or more towns have cancelled any public celebrations for fear of an atrocity. Security elsewhere is tight. Really tight. In Mexico City especially. I’ve heard that this evenings do in the Zocalo is by invitation only. I haven’t, sadly, been invited. There are screens and stuff all down Reforma, where a parade will also take place, so all is not lost.

And shops have been banned from selling any alcohol from midnight tonight till the end of the 16th. Get your booze quick, or you’ll be out of luck. Normally such restrictions are enforced only during political elections, as far as I’m aware. Not that I’m fussed, being a teetotaller type person.

In other news, the United States of Mexico may soon cease to exist. This could be the final Independence Day that the US of M ever has before it’s abolished. Never heard of Mexico referred to as the United States of Mexico? No, probably not. No one, and I mean no one, ever uses the full name. Ironically, the name was decided on by the country’s founders who wanted to replicate the federal system of their northern neighbour. So perhaps a name change is very appropriate!

Anyway, the bill has been presented to congress for a vote to formally change the name to….well, I don’t know. The article I was reading didn’t say. Just Mexico? The Republic of Mexico? The People’s Democratic Republic of Mexico? The People’s Democratic Front of Republican Mexico? It should be put to a vote.

Still, back to the Bicentenario. Below is a video I found that show what’s going to happen along Reforma. Looks spectacular. I found quite a few videos, including another preview. Longer and more computerised, but still.

There’s also this video of the awesome Sound and Light show from last year. I thought that’d take some beating, but if everything I’ve seen and heard about tomorrows celebration are pulled off without any grief, then…well, don’t miss it!


5 thoughts on “The Big Dry Party

  1. Estados Unidos Mexicanos translates as “United States of Mexicans” … a subtle difference from the other North American United States in that Mexico’s name reflects the name of the inhabitants, not the geographic locale.

    Anyway, I’ve always been partial to the once proposed “Anhuác” (which lives on in the name of a small Texas town)… which would at least make it easier for gringos to figure out where buses to “Mexico” were headed.


  2. Dry laws in place! That is a shame, but at least bars and restaurants are still serving in DF. For some weird reason, Acapulco has gone completely dry for the 15th to 17th…bars and restaurants included. Pity all those Mexico City folks who took off to that coast for the long-long weekend to escape the crowds here!

    Zocalo by invitation? I don’t think you heard that correctly…they are limiting access to 50,000 in the square itself but first come, first serve, starting today at 5. Won’t be going myself as it will be too late and too long for the little one to handle.


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