Digital Ditherings

I pondered and pondered some more. Meh. I’ll stick with WordPress.com. I really shouldn’t be spending any more money or time tinkering with a new blogging platform. My problem is an affliction of interweb curiosity, and it can be expensive. I’ll just have to give this bout of curiosity a dose of cold turkey.

I have a new online toy to play with now. Cliqset is similarish to what FriendFeed used to be before it sold out to Facebook and began a long, slow and painful death which is continuing to this day. It basically brings all your social networks into a single feed, which I have now used to replace Google Shared items in my sidebar.

Not that my Shared Items will not be there anymore. Google Reader is included in my Cliqset feed. Feel free to follow me if you get into it. I’ts good – I’ve now deleted my Google Buzz account, which was a frankly dreadful and half arsed attempt at a similarish thing.

I’ve also joined up with Readernaut, a book readers type of social network. Interesting idea, and it’s nice to keep a catalogue of books one gets through. It’s got an icon in my redesigned sidebar too, along with eleven others. The icons brighten things up, doncha think?

But they both remind me of one issue with WordPress.com that irks me. My blog posts are reproduced in Facebook, and I get comments in posts there. And they are also now reproduced on Cliqset, and who knows – they may get comments there. Comments all over the place. With WordPress.org you can bring the comments back to the original post in the blog, where they should be. And I could salvage my old Disqus comments. Such is life. One day…


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