Viva Mexico!

I’ve imported, processed and uploaded all of my photos from last night’s Bicentenario celebrations from the Zocalo in the heart of Mexico City. Click here to see them all on Flickr. I took a few movie clips which I’ll turn into a video soon too. And I’m sure I’ll have more to say later. But having gotten home at gone 3am last night, I’m just too tired right now. Viva Mexico!

El Cuart


10 thoughts on “Viva Mexico!

  1. Kim G says:

    Wow! I’m still deleting and processing. I like the main photo. It looks like F has a crown of flames, LOL…

    I’m impressed you got up early enough to at least catch the aerial portion of the military parade. We were still sound asleep. At least until they flew over the house.

    We had lots of fun last night.


    Kim G
    DF, Mexico
    Where we were impressed by the spectacle, and astounded today at the cost reported in the papers. I guess you only get a bicentennial once.


    • You know, I never noticed how F’s head had lined up so perfectly with the building decorations! If I’d thought about it, and set it up properly, I could have made a better photo with that concept. There’s still time….they stay up for the rest of September.

      The planes flew over our part of town….I’m guessing 11am. I’d only just got up. Was still in pyjamas when I heard their first pass. Was out there waiting for their second pass!

      It was lots of fun. And yes….the dinero…..


    • I guess you see more on TV than when you’re in the crowd. But still, there’s no where else I would have wanted to have been. No HD 3D plasma TV I’ve yet come across can quite reproduce the atmosphere!


  2. Dan in NC says:

    Loved the shots – esp the little “blue” girl! She is SO intent on whatever she’s watching! I am also EXTREMELY impressed with the new camera! It’s low light capabilities are GREAT! I love the fact that I did not notice any “shake” factor in what are obviously hand held images! As an olde film bigot, I would have needed a tripod and a cable release to MAYBE get something close.. you now have me thinking about crossing over to the Dark Side of the Force…
    Dan in NC


  3. That little girl was great entertainment in her own right all night, dancing, singing and shouting!

    I am loving the low light results I’m getting too. I took most of them hand held with no flash at ISO 1600 and got some great, if not totally perfect results. I guess I’d be disappointed if I weren’t getting these results given the size of the sensor, the price of the camera and the reviews I’d read. But still, to have it actually in my possession and getting to use it is a joy!

    The Dark Side is strong, you know… 🙂


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