Bicentenario Video

We went to the Zocalo to see the Independence celebrations last year. We arrived at about 7pm, joined a queue of four or five and were through the security perimeter in a matter of minutes. I wondered how it would be this year. On one hand, it was the Bicentennial celebrations, so surely more packed. On the other hand, there were repeated warnings and gossipi of attacks by narco gangs – would people stay away? We got there early, at 5pm, and found ourselves joining a queue that stretched for several blocks. The threat of terror attacks clearly didn’t put anyone off!

It was an entirely happy evening. A moment of drizzle as we queued drifted away and the evening remained dry – a stroke of luck considering this is rainy season. Last year we got soaked! The organisation of the event was smooth enough, the atmosphere happy and in the end, there were no reports of any attacks or problems at any of the celebrations anywhere in the country.

So I got a nice enough set of photos and have made a video, with not so much as a single bomb severed limb in evidence. The only minor disappointment was that, for the second year running, I positioned myself in just such a way in the crowd as to be unable to see the light show. Last year the Sound and Light show used the National Palace. This year, they beamed cool images onto the Cathedral. Shucks. I’ll just have to get myself the DVD when it comes out. Viva Mexico!


7 thoughts on “Bicentenario Video

  1. Opatije says:

    Nice video Señor…

    You’re lucky to be there this year. I was in DFe last week but could not stay longer. Gobierno Federal and all the volunteers did an outstanding job.

    Viva Mexico!


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