Hugo Brehme and World Press Photo 10

The Franz Mayer museum just behind Bellas Artes (map no. 18) is always worth a visit, and I’ve blogged about plenty of their temporary exhibitions. They’ve hosted the annual World Press Photo exhibition for several years now, and the latest display, World Press Photo 10,  is currently available for viewing.

Some of the images are very graphic and pretty shocking. A US soldier who lost 40% of his brains, but survived. A series of photos showing the stoning of a man in Somalia. An image of Neda, the Iranian girl shot dead on the streets of Tehran. Other images are less painful to look at, but the exhibition generally speaking isn’t for the squeamish.

But even more interesting, for me at least, was a smaller exhibitions tucked away in a room upstairs. The photography of one Hugo Brehme, a German who came to Mexico and snapped till he dropped. Including a lot of images of the Revolution. There’s a bit about his life at this site, on CNN Mexico and some of his photos can be seen here on Google Image Search. Well worth the 45 peso entry fee alone.

There’s also a new statue in the courtyard, of Franz Mayer himself – image below. At least, I don’t think I’ve seen it before. I could simply have a dose of Bicentenario fever of course, and gone a little mad.


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