A Pair Of Pens

I’d been thinking of getting an old, antique film camera for ages. To play with, experiment with and have fun with. Thanks to the almost universal take up of digital photography, you can pick up a very cool old camera for next to nothing.

I had been looking at a Kodak Reflex a few months ago, for sale on a street market on Alvaro Obregon. I gave it a miss in the end. Too old. Too complicated. I want fun not headaches. I stopped thinking about the whole film idea for a while.

But now, with my latest digital acquisition being what it is, temptation has returned. There is an obvious antique candidate. An Olympus Pen. To go with my Olympus Pen. A combination of modern and antique. Old fashioned and cutting edge.

Ebay has them by the plenty. The one in the photo below looked very clean and ended up going for just $36. Plus another $9 for shipping. Less than $50 total. I suspect if one hunted a little harder and exercised a little patience, one could pick up a Pen for maybe $10 or $20 less.

And if the fabric/leather casing is a bit scruffy…no problem. You can buy adhesive skins to freshen it up. You can even buy skins for the new digital Pens. They look quite nice – at $15 I’m rather tempted. We all like to be different.


5 thoughts on “A Pair Of Pens

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    • Sentimental value is a noble enough cause! But not the driving reason behind my desire.

      Yes, I’d use it. Infrequently, but regularly. Question is, what happens if it takes really good photos? Maybe I don’t want it to take really, really good photos.

      I want an antique camera to take antique looking photos! Flaws are fine.

      I’ve learned a lot about photography through the digital medium. I had old film cameras, but had neither the money nor the patience, nor the ability to put them to good use. I’d like to give it another go.


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