Imperial Republic of Mexico

How to kill a couple of birds with one stone. There are moves afoot to change the official name of Mexico. And I think, while they are at it, they could make a few other improvements. Restore the monarchy for one. Yes, yes, as a Brit I’m used to monarchies. Americans might feel a little uneasy at the idea. But there are some pros, and few cons.

On Wednesday night, when President Calderon took the flag and walked to the balcony to meet the crowd, the language turned blue. Very blue. Politicians are always a figure of hate. Kings, Queens and Emperors in a modern, non political context, are much less so. Some people would rather see a Republic, and dislike the monarchy, but there just isn’t that widespread, passionate hatred of the individual. Give the Grito to a new Emperor!

This would also help to sort out the new name of the country. The word Imperial must be in there. Throw in Republic too, to keep that section of the population happy. Contradictory? Confusing? Yes, yes. And thus an excellent name for the new Mexico! foreign visitors can ponder the name for a moment as they fill out the customs declaration form, and come to an understanding about where they’re about to set foot!

So, who for Emperor? Perhaps the country wants a real fighter. Julio Cesar Chavez, maybe. Or ‘people person’…Lydia Cacho? Perhaps, perhaps. But bear in mind, whoever is chosen, their mug will grace all the banknotes and coins. I’m looking at the new 500 peso note – I got my hands on my first one this evening, scanned it and  posted it below. Diego Rivera. Not the prettiest sight to lay your eyes on. My mind is made up. Arise Empress Ximena the First! Money will never have looked so good!


11 thoughts on “Imperial Republic of Mexico

    • Or just used a picture of a frog instead, as a more attractive substitute! Really liked your Sailfish post btw.

      My latest WordPress conundrum is whether to fork out $15 for the CSS upgrade. Then I can have all my header images rotate. Glad you liked this one – I shot the snap in the Museo de Arte Popular in DF. Not one of the most famous museums, but definitely one of the best.


  1. Kim G says:

    Seriously, Diego was never handsome. But that has to be the single worst image of him I’ve ever seen. Makes you wonder how they chose it.



    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we wonder if this note will prove Gresham’s law


    • I had to look up Gresham’s Law….I can see now why you’d be familiar with it. How long before we can get Godwin’s Law out of this conversation though….

      I suspect the image was chosen at the annual convention of Mexico’s equivalent of the Royal Society for the Blind.


      • Kim G says:

        Chosen by the royal society of the blind. ROFLMAO!!!!

        I had to look up Godwin’s Law. LOL too!

        I’m not gonna be the one to mention either the “H”- word or the “N”-word, but they are definitely out there, especially in cyberspace.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where we try to not utilize references to either “H” or “N” unless entirely appropriate.


      • I think, touch wood, that so far, after more than seven years of posting, no one has invoked Godwin’s Law on my blog. So far.

        Clearly, I’m not being controversial enough. I’ll try harder…!


  2. Valebare says:

    Although they live in Spain, we still have Moctezuma’s descendants. Regarding Diego’s frog face, he was born in Guanajuato which translates to hill of frogs…..


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