Low Light, Low Expectations, High Performance

I’m having a whole load of fun shooting at ISO 1600 with my new Olympus Pen. It’s opened a whole new world of photography to me. Although it has to be said I’d generally get a better image, and always get better image quality, shooting at a lower ISO…..what the hell! I’m getting perfectly acceptable snaps in poorly lit areas, hand held at ISO 1600.

And there are times when a low ISO, long exposure, just can’t get the shot you want. So for now, I’m enjoying the ability of taking shots that I’ve never had the equipment to take before. Here’s a slightly boring photo of the inside of an elevator with a single, rather ineffective bulb. Sure if you enlarge it enough, you’ll notice image degradation. But even when filling my 19″ laptop screen, it looks perfectly good to me!

Going Down


9 thoughts on “Low Light, Low Expectations, High Performance

  1. I shoot at 1600 -2000-2500-3200 with my Canon – the pictures are quite respectable with a little noise reduction thrown in. The elevator shot is very good – however there must be better subjects for sampling? 😉


  2. Kim G says:

    While that photo is the embodiment of the word “banal,” I’m quite envious of the low-light, high ISO capability. I hate to say it, but I think it’s better than my Canon 30D DSLR. Argh!!!!

    I hope you continue to put the camera to better use.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are thinking quite seriously of buying the same camera


    • It is banal. I took it because I took one with my old TZ5 a couple of years back. I didn;t keep the shot, but I remember how terrible it was.

      That elevator is the single most dangerous elevator in Mexico City by the way. It rocks, rattles, gets stuck and opens the doors when still a foot from the floor without earthquakes….

      I, needless to say, am very, very happy with the E-PL1! I’d highly recommend it to anyone. Even you, señor, with your 30D. Mainly because of the diminutive size of the camera which I get the image quality from. It’s a joy to use.


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