The Confession

Has he spent too long looking at another lady? Did he touch her inappropriately? Has he just accidentally called her by his ex’s name? Who knows, but she’s definitely giving him a look.

It’s another of the photos I took in the Zocalo at the Bicentenario party, and has proven the most popular of all my snaps from that evening, according to the statistics Flickr provides me with. They launched the statistics feature for us Pro users at the end of 2007, and they give out some pretty good information.

I can see the total views, number of comments and faves for every photo for the current and previous day, or for ‘All Time’. I can sort them according to views, comments and faves and they tell me who’s looking how often at my photostream, sets, collections and galleries. The Confession photo is the 15th most viewed of all my near 8,000 shots since the stats began recording views.

That’s quite a jump up the list in such a short space of time. There’s usually a reason for such a high number of view, and seeing as the Stats also tell me about referring pages that brings viewers to a photo, I can look up and see who’s been using that photo elsewhere. It turns out The Confession made it onto the Spanish language Flickr blog.

There are other ways to check out your Flickr stats though, thanks to Flickr providing developers with an API. A couple of the better ones are Statsr and F*Stats, both of which do slightly different things.

The Confession


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