Capital In Movement

Following on from the vintage video of Mexico City that I posted a few weeks back, here’s a more modern take on the city. I absolutely love the videography. I reckon, from a purely technical viewpoint, this is the sort of video anyone could make with a modern DSLR. In theory, if one had access to some of the viewpoints and a helicopter. But the planning, imagination and sheer patience making something like this entails makes it a hugely impressive production.


4 thoughts on “Capital In Movement

  1. Kim G says:

    Wow! What a beautiful video! Makes me think of all the things I love about DF. Thanks.

    Any clue as to what the words say?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where any video about the city would have a heavy dose of Ye Olde


    • No clue whatsoever I’m afraid! You can always right click on the video, see it in Vimeo, and ask the creator. It is a fantastic video though.

      None like this for Boston? Well, when you get your E-PL1 with the HD video (and a Gorillapod!) I suggest you go out and make one! Vimeo has a user group just for people doing this sort of thing. Most of them are really rather good. I’m trying to motivate myself to create one for Mexico City.

      There’s not one for Boston yet. The best I found was this one.


  2. Hey Gary!
    Thanks for touching base. There are several cameras that are great. For the money, I think you have the best one. We are doing a cruise this Nov. Don’t know if I can afford to get another camera. I’ve been waiting to see if Olympus will bring out a Pl – 2 or something.
    The video is fantastic! My son does this for a living. I know how much work is involved. Very well done!


    • I’m afraid I’m not the man behind the camera making this video! But I’d like to have a go someday soon at making something similar-ish.

      What you should do, amigo, is come to Mexico. Buy a new FZ45 in the US, bring it and your FZ35, and sell them here for a neat profit! Then you’ll have enough for the E-PL1 and to put the money spent on the FZ45 back in your account.

      Simple 🙂


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