Double Denied

Today I stopped off at the Zocalo to go see the exhibition of the relics, bones and what not of the heroes of the War of Independence, situated in the National Palace. The entrance is round the side, and is quite obvious. Tents, metal detectors, barriers for queuing and half a battalion of heavily armed federal police give the location away. I made my way to the entry into the barriered area and saw a big poster. The name of the exhibition. And the rules.

No cameras, nor cellphones, to be used in the exhibition. What the you know what?! There are the same relics that just a month or two ago were paraded through the streets in open air, with everyone snapping away like starving Chihuahuas in a butterfly house? Or am I wrong? I’m sure I’m right, but I didn’t find out. I wasn’t in the mood to be denied use of my camera. Relics be damned! I walked on.

A little further down the street in the Museo Nacional de las Culturas, which I was far more interested in visiting to be honest. It’s been closed for renovations for an awfully long time. I guess digging up some Aztec relics during the remodelling didn’t speed things up. I passed by a month or two back, when they had a stand out there, announcing the reopening.

What I should have done, of course, is check what date the reopening was going to be. I found out today. And it wasn’t today. October the 6th. I shall return. I don’t think it’ll quite get the attention of an Apple Store when a new iPhone is about to go on sale, but maybe the chap in the photo is hoping I’m wrong, and waiting for the queue to start forming. I wish him luck.

Shoe Shiner


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