Metropolitan Cathedral

Having been disappointed to find nothing to shoot on Friday morning, I headed into the Metropolitan Cathedral to shoot a few video clips. I’d just downloaded the trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and thought I’d give it some material to see how it compares to Cyberlink PowerDirector 8, which I’ve been using for the last year or two. First impressions were good. Very intuitive interface and looking clean and professional. Sadly, it produced my video with a big black border. Like I’ve seen on so many APE videos on YouTube. It can be sorted in the settings, but as the default? Pfft…

I still prefer PowerDirector. It’s just as intuitive to use, although it does look a big more like a lego version of Adobe’s software. But it works nicely, and I found audio and transition settings easier to use. I tried out the stabilisation tool today. I’d tried it before, and the video had a jerk at the start and end of each clip. I wondered if it was the software or just the feeble processing power of my laptop. It happened again today, along with some weird ‘wavy’ thing in the first clip, so I suspect the former rather than the latter.


2 thoughts on “Metropolitan Cathedral

    • It’s built into PowerDirector, and does simply what its name suggests….removed handshake. To a degree. It does it by effectively cropping the video. That’s why, one presumes, there is the jerky bit at the start and finish of each clip. Not very impressive. There’s no substitute for a tripod!


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