Zocalo Present, Past and Further Past

If your get to your first visit to the Zocalo, the very heart of Mexico City, by metro, you’ll get a little preparation of what to expect. You’ll step off the train, walk up the stairs to the main station and walk past three large glass cubicles containing models of the Zocalo as it used to be. One for the time of the Aztecs (top left), when the area was an island in a lake, called Tenochtitlan. Another from the colonial era (top and bottom right), and a third from, I am guessing the 1930’s or 40’s.

They’ve all just been renovated. Models and glass cleaned. Dust sucked out. And some very Mexican lighting added. And some freshly painted cubicle headers. It looks great. I love the more recent of the models. The green centre of the Zocalo. And the tram. You can still see the tracks here and there around the Centro Historico, though they’ve not been used for a very long time. I’m all in favour for a bit more public transportation, and a little less traffic. I hope they don’t stop the pedestrianisation process with Madero.


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