SM la R Rewalked

Santa Maria La Ribera (map no. 23) is a neighbourhood I discovered not so long ago. It was once the very height of fashion to reside here, but has since fallen from favour, and into neglect. Once glorious buildings suffer from more than just a little peeling of paint, and it has a reputation now of being a place that attracts less savoury types.

It’s improving, I think. I like hanging around. Faded glory is my thing, although I see quite a few buildings that have faded too much. With a little time, money and TLC, the building in the bottom photo could soon, once again, be a grand architectural statement for the honour of SM la Ribera.

Work is underway to layer a fresh coat of paint of the glorious Kiosko though, and to give it a new floor. Sat in the middle of a park, this little Moorish inspired masterpiece, more than any other building, shows what sort of upmarket hood this used to be. And perhaps could be once again.

The napkin? We ate Russian. Quite a rarity in Mexico City. It’s a small eatery on one of the corners of the park. There’s plenty of other restaurants and cantinas to choose from if Russian isn’t your thing however. Especially if Barbacoa, Carnitas or Pozole are you thing. In fact, this is the place to head to for those culinary treats. I took few photos this time, and added those I did to an older set – click here.


4 thoughts on “SM la R Rewalked

  1. Tancho says:

    Oh Oh….Now I have a reason to hop the bus and check this out. It’s been awhile since I have had some decent Russian food, so maybe it will be a good excuse to show up.
    In the past I relent to making the stuff myself, but having someone making it for you is always better.


    • Whether it is anything like real Russian food, or the very different Mexi-Russian food, I cannot say! I’ve not sampled the real thing.

      But I will say the place is very popular, and there are at least two Russian looking chaps working in there! Running the place, I’d imagine.

      I had Goulash (my spelling) which was perfectly good. Although nothing like the goulash I had in Budapest many years ago. Budapest remains the greatest culinary surprise of my life so far by the way….not famous in the UK for its food, but it should be.


  2. Dan in NC says:

    The colours in the kiosko are fantastic! The style looks like it came out of Burton’s “Night in a Moorish Harem”. My favorite in the set was the view down the staircase – worthy of an architectural photographer!
    Dan in NC


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