Mountains To Climb

I’ve caught a couple of glimpses of Iztaccihuatl over the last two days – top left photo. Which is good on two counts. Firstly, because if you can actually see Izta, then there isn’t much pollution and the air is pretty clean. Which is why it’s rare to see Izta, or the even larger Popo which sits next to her.

Secondly, I’m going to be climbing Izta again in about six weeks. Hopefully to the very summit. Third time lucky, sort of. It’s good to catch a look now, just to see how much snow and ice is covering the mountain. There was some pretty heavy snowfall early in the year, but that, thankfully, has mostly disappeared.

Before Izta I’m going to have a preparatory climb up Ajusco (bottom photo) at the beginning of November. Still pretty high up in the clouds, but a much easier mountain to tackle. A one day job. No freezing half to death overnight in a tent at 12,000 feet. Much easier. But this will still be second time lucky.

The last mountain to climb? Metaphorical, and not my mountain either. The Monument to the Revolution is being renovated in readiness for the 100 year anniversary next month. A lot of the stuff that was supposed to be ready for the bicentenary of Independence didn’t get finished in time. The guys working on this still have plenty to do and the clock is ticking.

I’d say it’s pretty much touch and go which moutains will get climbed and which will defeat the climbers. Or builders, as the case may be. If I were a bookie, I guess I’d make Ajusco clear favourite at 5/6, followed by the Revolution Monument at 2/1 and Izta at 3/1. Any takers?


2 thoughts on “Mountains To Climb

  1. Been very clear to see the last two days as you say…usually just a faint outline on the horizon from my rooftop vantage point.

    Can you actually reach the summit? Looks like more than just a bit of snow up there.

    You could relive Aztec times and collect a snowcone for the emperor.


  2. It’s a bit of a trek to get to the true summit, but perfectly achievable if all goes well. It didn’t all go well last time, but crossed fingers….

    The top of the mountain almost always has a good layer of snow, but the white stuff covering the lower slopes has all gone. Which makes things easier, quicker and a lot more comfortable.


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