Carrera Bicentennial 10k

The Bicentenario may have been a couple of weeks ago, but the celebrations and events haven’t quite finished yet. I guess in part, because this is a year of double anniversaries – 200 years of independence, and next month’s centenary of the Revolution. Today was the Carrera Bicentennial 10k run. Or more correctly, runs. Every state, all 32 of them, if you can include the Distrito Federal as an honorary state for a momentito.

I haven’t been terribly active on the organised run front this year, with just the Run For Water 6km race in June to my name. Bad knee, you see. But I thought I’d put up with a little pain for this one, seeing as it has special significance. I ran with my camera to photograph the scenes, sights and desperate plights of the less athletic participants. Of which there are many – obese they might be, but determined too.

I took my Panasonic TZ5, for its comparatively diminutive dimensions, instead of my new Olympus Pen, and using it really made me appreciate what a jump up the Olympus is. So much so, that I didn’t even bother uploading any of the images I got to Flickr. What you see below is all there is to show for it.

Top left: yesterday at the giant Olympic swimming pool, built for the ’68 Olympics, to collect my kit. Chip, t-shirt, freebies and the like. Top right: The Pemex monument, which is normally hard to photograph, given that it’s a smallish structure in the middle of a very big roundabout surrounded  by an incredibly busy dual carriageway.

Middle left: Diana the Huntress. In English. The start and finish of the event. Middle right: all road runs have distance markers to let you know how far you’ve come/still got to go. It’s nice to see them, but the 9km was my personal favourite.

Bottom left: all finishers get a medal! Here’s mine. It joins the other half dozen or so that I’ve picked up. It’s taken 86kms of running over the last 15 months or so, not including training runs. I feel I’ve earned them, no matter how slow the finishing times I’ve recorded!

Bottom right: talking of finishing times. One hour and four minutes. By far and away the slowest 10kms I’ve ever run. I’ve clocked below 50 mins, albeit by seconds, on training runs over the last year. If I stopped smoking I’m sure I could take another 10 minutes off that. Probably more. Carrying a camera and stopping to take shots didn’t help though. Nor does my dodgy knee.

I also wish Mexicans would make competition entry forms which accept that not everyone has a double barrelled surname.


2 thoughts on “Carrera Bicentennial 10k

    • After 10kms I don’t feel so young! And every time I lock myself out of my house and have to spend five painful, bruising and scraping minutes dragging myself over the neighbours wall, which I would have vaulted in one go 20 years ago, I am reminded that time ticks by!

      But thanks! The older I get, the harder it gets and the more congrats I thus deserve! 🙂


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