Border Athletics

I watch much less TV in Mexico than I did in the UK. There’s much less in the way of channel flicking here for me. Not least because P rarely lets go of the remote control. When I watch something, it’s usually something specific that I want to watch, and often something from the UK that I’ve downloaded.

One of the programmes we do watch quite often is the Dog Whisperer, starring the legend that is Cesar Millan. Quite an improvement on the last doggy show I watched, back in the 1980’s, featuring Barbara Woodhouse. If ever anyone wanted proof that the English language has evolved in the UK….the word ‘entertainment’ clearly means something very different now than it did 20 or 30 years ago.

Another show we watch regularly is Sunday Morning. We usually watch it on Sunday mornings, more logically than ironically methinks. It’s a nice way to start a lazy Sunday without having to get out of bed. And this week, Sunday Morning and the Dog Whisperer became one, as per the video I’ve embedded below.

Cesar Millan is, as I said, a legend. He’s even been on South Park– forward to 7 mins 30 secs. To think he grew up in a poor family in Mexico with little prospect of making it big. And now he’s worth about $100,000,000 thanks to his TV shows and books. Just how does one make that jump in social and economical status?

By jumping over fences, swimming rivers and running across deserts of course. In other words, he ran over the border into the US and lived as an illegal immigrant. Naughty chap! Someone told him the streets of America were paved with gold, so he went to have a looky see. And would you believe it? They were! Thirty six carat, dog shaped lumps of gold. Shame this didn’t come up in his interview with Bill O’Reilly

He’s a full, 100% legal citizen these days. Some might be annoyed at him laughing at his tale. I fully understand why he’d go for it. There are two sides to the immigration debate. I have sympathy for both. Mexicans jump the border because they can, or at the very least think they can, make a better life for themselves. Or at least more money. Plenty of them die trying to get across every year. For a dream, or through ignorance – opinion is divided.

And their labour is needed in the north. Plus, there are, and ‘always’ have been large, strong and vibrant Mexican communities in the US. You only need to have a quick look at the map to see why that is.

On the other hand, the US has every right to protect its own borders. Illegal immigrants do cost the US in resources. Illegals make it harder for those who want to swap countries the legal way. And, if the new laws passed in Arizona mean racial profiling becomes a feature of law enforcement, it has a negative impact on US citizens of latino origin. Don’t make me breach Godwin’s Law to explain why.

Edit: Vodpod let me down, and I couldn’t in the end embed the video of Cesar Millan on the Sunday Morning show. A shame, seeing as that video was the point of this post. Such is life. Click here to go and see that on the show’s own site. Here’s the O’Reilly interview instead.


3 thoughts on “Border Athletics

    • I remember her instructions well! Aside from ‘Walkies’ there was also the legendary ‘Sit!!!!!!!!!!” that struck fear into the hearts of dogs up and down the countries, that knew a severe yank on their choke chain was coming up!


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