Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Time is flying by. My Mexican adventure is a few days shy of five and a half years old. With about four months left to go. Departing a country to make a new life elsewhere is a complicated process.  Distant Thoughts and Possibilities were replaced by the Serious Consideration stage a few months ago. The Planning and Pondering stage has been under way for several weeks, but the actual Action and Implementation phase is about to begin. The first problem, the ten turtles in the yard, will be resolved shortly. This weekend if all goes the plan.

Other stuff has to go. We can’t take sofas, televisions and bikes with us, and actually we could really do with the money from selling things that have to stay behind. I’ve been looking at recruitment and property rental sites for a while. We’ll be starting from scratch. Hard work, but it’s nice to start with an blank piece of paper.

The next thing that needs to be done, within the next four weeks ideally, is to book myself a ticket back to London. I’ve been tracking prices for months. Mexicana offered the best price by far, and for a direct flight. I say offered, because….well, the Mexicana story didn’t have a happy ending. They look like they’ve joined Pan Am, Aloha, Azteca, TWA and others in airline heaven.

But that’s all by the by. Seeing as most of the people who comment on my blog, and I’m sure plenty who don’t get around to commenting, fly to some exotic destination everynow and then, I thought I’d share the latest flight search tool that I’ve found. It’s quick, simple and really rather cool.

Hipmunk searches for deals. Lots of flight sites do that. But Hipmunk does it a little more quickly than most, without any annoying pop up windows, and displays the available choices in the best way I’ve ever come across. You see clearly what the departure and arrival times how, which airlines, how many stops, and by clicking on one of the options, a box appears with the full details.

You can also assort the flights according to what is important to you. Duration, price, stops, arrival time or agony. Love the last one! It’s well worth checking out if you have a trip coming up. My easiest option, and one of the cheapest, is with British Airways. Which irks me. Whether I bite the bullet and go with them is still far from a done deal.


10 thoughts on “Tick Tock, Tick Tock

    • Thanks! Compliments always welcome – I have as much of an ego to feed as anyone else!

      People come and people go. I’m sure a replacement for my DF blog will come along sooner or later.


  1. Going to have a yard sale?

    Why not put up a few photos of some of the bigger items you want to sell off, closer to your departure? There are always new teachers coming into town looking for deals.


    • I shall be doing exactly that, a bit closer to the time. Thing is I leave in January or February, but Paola won’t follow for a few months. So some things will go right after Xmas, and other things a couple of months later.

      The sofa will probably go up for sale for immediately after Xmas, because it’s a more expensive item, and people may still have their Christmas bonuses! It’s a two piece set, with a two seater and a single seater. Will come with a matching lamp and some handmade cushions and I’m looking for $8,000. It’s mint condition, with lifetime warranty, very comfy and cost more than double that.

      So if you know anyone that’s looking for a post Xmas sofa….!


  2. Rich says:

    Sorry to see you go but I’m sure that you will continue to blog. Hope that you will let us know the name of your blog when get reestablished in London. London and the surrounding area will be very interesting to investigate and I am sure the you will give us the grand tour. Stay in touch!


  3. Opatije says:

    Wow…you sure be missed…

    Tell us please about your new adventure back in England. I just hate the weather in England. Wish you the best…



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