You know sometimes you have a great idea. A project or something similar, that sounds like a cool idea in your head, but then seems a bit pointless once you’ve started. This post is about one of those. Twelve kilometres. A photo every twelve steps. A video called Twelve.

This took me about four weeks to make. Because the first two occasions I set off, I did so with the camera battery half drained. The first time I got from the beginning of Reforma, where it meets Avenida de los Misterios (which I had already covered and photographed a few months ago) to Metro Hidalgo. Last Friday I got from Hidalgo to Metro Auditorio. Today I managed to finish it.

I’d never been much past the Pemex roundabout (which I photo’d last Sunday), and had no idea it went on for so far. It has to be said, it’s a pretty boring stretch too. Although I did titter a little when I got to the embassy zone. Although I suspect some of them, such as the US one, are actually residences. But to see the US, Iran and Iraq all sat next to each other…boy the diplomatic parties in that hood must rock!

But I made it to the end of Reforma in the end. And then on some more. I could see no sign telling me the road had ended. Fortunately, I got the all important info that I had left Reforma and was now on my way to Toluca. And I headed back. Eventually I made it home, and glued all the photos together in the video below.

Things I learned about making one of these photos. While I kept striding as I shot, sometimes firing from the waist, really you need to stop, frame, focus and shoot carefully, at the same height for each shot. You need to take a few extra shots when crossing roads. You need to keep going in a straight line. You need to weed out the shots of other stuff you took from the photos you need. And really you should take a few video clips, and spend a whole load of time being creative during post processing. All things I failed to do.

I did manage to take and use nearly 1,400 photos to create this pointless video monstrosity though. And having gone to so much effort, I feel obliged to finish the product, no matter how half baked and half arsed it is. Such is life.

Still, I enjoyed the walk. Reforma is surprisingly diverse. The first section is neglected and a little iffy. Then comes the tourist/entertainment stretch, where the ciclothon is held, and where music lovers go to hear their fave bands at Auditorio or Hard Rock Cafe. Then there’s the financial zone, followed by a huge length of expensive looking residential dwellings.


5 thoughts on “Twelve

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    • I had a few moments whilst crossing roads here and there! And some of the twelve steps turned into 13, 14 or 20 steps here and there. Thanks to traffic, evil stares from bodyguards and policemen and other nuisances!


  2. Dan in NC says:

    Thanks for the Wild Ride! Last time I walked a portion of your trip (from the Angel) I was accompanied by some rather Wild, Wacky, Wonderful, and Vibrant creatures from the nightmares of artists on Acid! Loved it! Thanks again for the tour!
    Dan in NC


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