Jorge Marin on Reforma

Along Reforma at the moment is a display of Jorge Marin statues. I’ve seen a few of these bizarre ManBird creations before, somewhere in the Alvaro Obregon area. They’re pretty impressive in the flesh. I’ll miss Reforma when I’m gone. It’s a continually evolving, renewing, reconstructing street of life, sounds, scenes and art. I’m not convinced London has anything quite like it. Click here to see a few of the statues on Flickr.



5 thoughts on “Jorge Marin on Reforma

  1. Incidentally, today’s header image comes from another display of art on Reforma. A smaller one of Independence and Revolution square paintings arranged in grid form. The ones above of five of my favourites.


  2. But you will experience other forms of magic in London. I have been giving some thought to spending a year of retirement in London. That should drain the retirement account. The theatre tickets alone will eat up most of my income.


    • I know I will. Know, because London is my home town, and its magic is something I remember and am looking forward to.

      It sure is more expensive than Mexico, and yep, your retirement funds would take a hit. But it can be done more cheaply than most people imagine.

      It has to be said though, that a cheapish two bedroom apartment in London is going to cost me the equivalent of a pretty nice Centro Coyoacan house.


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