The Sofa Sale

By far the most valuable possession that we need to sell before heading off to the UK is our two piece sofa set. We bought it just a little less than two years ago from the very swish and upmarket Sergio Pilati store in the south of the city. It wasn’t a cheap purchase, but the sofas are wonderfully comfortably.

The cloth is a very soft material, and the suite is effectively in mint condition. The couple of scuffs around the base are of the most minor type possible. No stains, no tears, no sagging. The cost of the sofa from new was about 15,000 pesos. A couple of coins less, if I remember rightly. The lamp is a paper type lantern, but with a metal square on the base that you touch to brighten, dim, turn on and turn off the light. It has three brightness settings, and retailed for 800 pesos. The cushions were handmade for us last Christmas at a cost of 200 pesos each.

We’re selling the whole lot, sofas, cushions and lamp, for a very reasonable 8,000 pesos. Which is roughly half the final cost we paid. Buyer will have to arrange collection. Interested? We’re not letting it go till after Christmas I’m afraid. The second or third week of January. But I’d like to arrange a sale in advance if possible. More expensive items can take a little longer to sell, after all.

You can wait till nearer the time and hope that no one has taken it. Or you can agree to buy and pay a deposit now, and the set will be yours in due course. I want a hefty 2,000 peso deposit, por favor. Will I return it if you change your mind about buying it at the last minute? Nope! If you have sudden financial difficulties and are on the verge of bankruptcy? Nope! I don’t really want to be a participant in someone else’s game of ‘share the money problems’. I know. I’m harsh.

I will refund the deposit in full if there is any damage to the sofas in between now and then and we can’t renegotiate a price that reflects the issue. You can come and see the sofas to check them out. Or you can trust me to honestly report any deterioration. I am British, you know…. 🙂

I think whoever buys these sofas are getting a very good deal and a very nice set – sofas, cushions et al. I accept cash or PayPal for the deposit! You can see the full resolution photos that I made the collage below out of by clicking here. And I can answer any questions, of course.



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