Museo Nacional de las Culturas

This grand old colonial mansion (map no. 41) has finally opened its doors once again, after four years, mas o menos, of closure for renovations. And the people of Mexico City will have a new museum to explore! Some might say that Mexico City already has enough museums. Over 150, so I’ve read. I’ve also heard that there are more museums per square mile in the Distrito Federal than any other city on the planet.

But this isn’t really a new museum. It has housed cultural artefacts and exhibits for many years, and was reputedly the first ever museum in Mexico City. It opened just in time too…another few months delay and I’d have been across the other side of the Atlantic and missed it. I may still miss it in all its glory. Whilst it has opened, renovations are still clearly ongoing.

The good news is that the exhibits are good, entry is free and, for the many Canadians in DF, there is a whole hall dedicated to the ancient cultures of their frozen lands. I do find it disappointing that so many museums are still refusing to display information in any language other than Spanish though.

I can get by fine with my bastardised use of Spanglish, but for a major museum in the very heart of a city which gets so many international visitors, and aims at getting so many more, the lack of at least English info to accompany the Spanish is ridiculous. Especially for a newly renovated museum or one with new exhibitions – there are be no excuses.

Come to think of it – there’s a job for a native English speaker here. Shame I though of it five years too late. Still. I took some photos, of course. Click here to see them on Flickr.

Ay Caramba


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