The Mexico Olympics 2010

No, it’s not an Olympic year. Nor are the Olympics coming to Mexico again any time soon. But that didn’t stop the city government. Last weekend saw a huge length of Reforma closed off for an Olympics festival. Boxing, rugby, gymnastics, wrestling and so much more. Swimming, too. Yep, they actually built a temporary pool.

All this in aid of the Bicentenario celebrations. Which have been pretty controversial. Well, the cost of it all has been pretty controversial. How much got spent, who spent it, and who received it. And what was delivered in exchange. All these and more have big questions marks over them. Mostly big corruption sized question marks.

I generally support these sort of public events. Mexico City puts on plenty of them, and they’re generally fun and well attended. And I’d have liked to have spent longer walking around getting photos. But was this really the best way to celebrate the Bicentenario? It must have cost a fortune!

I’m giving this one the thumbs down. Not because it wasn’t fun to watch. But because it was just frivolous. A little pointless. A real waste of money. There are always better things to spend public money on, no matter how good the event. But you do need to balance out urgent needs and valuable social entertainment projects. This particular project had too little value for my sensibilities.


4 thoughts on “The Mexico Olympics 2010

  1. Catherine says:

    I agree – usually I love and support all the events on Reforma and enjoy strolling along and seeing what is going on – but this one seemed totally pointless – and one thing you failed to mention was just how much it stuffed up the traffic – did it really warrant so many roads closed for so long?? getting to and from work on Friday was an absolute nightmare!


    • Ah yes, the road closure. An oversight indeed on my part. It also rather interfered with my Friday afternoon. Having finished my lengthy photowalk further down Reforma, I tried to catch a bus back to Metro Hidalgo. What a nightmare that turned into once I got to Torre Mayor! I ended up getting off an walking.


  2. Catherine says:

    ps why not use all the excellent Olympic facilities in the South of the city that actually exist if they really wished to stage this event??


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