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The image below is produced by Mosaica, a screensaver that I have installed on my computer. It starts with a black and grey grid, and quickly builds up a mosaic of images from Flickr. Where next in the world will I be taken by this concoction of 21st century technologies that work together so harmoniously? It’s a never ending adventure, really it is.

I like 21st century technology. I mean, who in their right minds is still using Windows 95 for their daily computer needs? Or worse, is anyone out there using something that reports anomalies on screen in big bold letters – syntax error? Do you connect to the web using a 56k dial up modem? When someone asks if you want to play a video game, do you leap over the armchairs and load up Frogger on your Atari 2600?

Of course not. And yet. And yet. Blogger. A fine platform for aspiring writers. Ruined by a piece of ’90s tech. The comments system. I know, I have been here before. But really, enough is enough. This is the 21st century. A comments system needs to be consistent, threaded, linked to social networks, have the ability to update users without the poor sod jumping through hoops. And more. All the things Blogger comments is not.

There are alternatives. Disqus is my favourite. Intense Debate also good. Both blend well with Blogger, like Mosaica and Flickr. I like them. Luddites, the stubborn and those not in the know….less so. But no more excuses. I don’t use Windows 95. I don’t own an Atari 2600. I haven’t seen the words syntax error appear on my screen in a long time. I no longer have a cassette player.

And, from this moment on, for the same reasons I don’t use the aforementioned, I no longer comment on Blogger blogs with the standard commenting system. The system is the equivalent of Mosaica trying to create a screensaver by having a man run around art galleries, grabbing physical pictures and trying to push the paintings into my monitor.It’s nothing personal. It is, in many ways more my loss than others.

But my loss is greater than my gain in using it. I simply can’t be bothered with it any more. Bloggers using it are in effect telling me that they aren’t really that bothered about their comments. Not bothered about the conversations they could produce. That would be better than they are currently.  Such is life.


4 thoughts on “Up To Date

  1. Kim G says:

    So the virtual reality glove has been thrown down!

    Maybe you can write a post for the less tech-savvy about exactly how they put disqus commenting into their blogger blogs.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we don’t have these pesky problems, preferring instead to ride on the blogs of others. LOL


    • Meh. Two consecutive failed comments on two different blogs. Then I came to Don Felipe’s. I was going to comment. His original post wasn’t instantly visible to prompt my response. So I couldn’t be bothered. I said so. He didn’t publish it. Don’t blame him. What’s the point. I’d say it’s just my PC playing up. But it happens on other PC’s I use. And the tech world is in general fairly scathing about Bloggers commenting system, for good reason.

      I’m sure I will post on a Blogger blog again. Rant is over. Tantrum tamed, and all that. But I already regularly don’t bother commenting on a fair number of Blogger posts, where I might otherwise have done so on another commenting platform. It’ll have to be something I’m really, really interested in or have something of serious value to add to get me to add my tuppence worth.

      Having said all of that, I won’t edit my post, silly as parts of it are. The blog is a record of life, frustrations and all. Besides I stand by the points I made. One of the points of a blog is to provoke and host conversations. If the writer just wants to inform or preach, get a standard website.

      I would have enjoyed the diversity conversation more on Don Felipe’s blog, if it had been threaded. Or am I wrong? Do you not think a threaded conversation, with a consistent interface makes a conversation easier to participate in? Maybe it is just me.

      Once upon a time, I understood bloggers reluctance to deploy Disqus, what with it needing some HTML coding an all. Nowadays? Sign up – name, email, blog url and password.

      Click the button that says Add to Blogger. Voila. A minute. Two if you type one handed with a single finger.

      Tempted by Mosaica? And when are we going to see your Sept 15th photos señor?!


  2. Kim G says:

    I understand your frustration, and agree that Felipe’s comments would have been better with the disqus system. I rather like it on your blog. But the only problem I’ve ever had with comments on a blogger blog (and this is likely unique to me) is that my comments are occasionally too long to be accepted. I’m not sure if I’d encounter the same problem here since I’ve never been moved to leave a particularly long comment, though yours above looks like it’d be close to pushing the blogger limit. But otherwise? Never had a technical problem.

    As for my photos, well, it’s one of those things I’ll have to get around to some day. You’ll probably get a disc of my photos before you see them on Flickr, though.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA


    • I don’t, sadly, use Disqus on this blog. I would if I could. When I swapped from Blogger to WordPress, the commenting system was a key point. Like Disqus, the comments are threaded, participants can apply a URL of their liking to their comments, the layout is totally consistent, users get notified of future comments regardless as to whether they are a WordPress.com user or not, and there are less failures.

      The issue you have isn’t unique to you. I get it now and again. It does normally go through, but if the comments are moderated, then there’s no way of knowing till it gets published.


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