Clowning Around

Clowns are a serious business in Mexico City. And not just the ones inhabiting the Congress and Senate. They’re everywhere, a fixture on the streets of Mexico City along with the show shiners and Harmonipan organ grinders. You’ll find them on street corners, on the metro, on microbuses and even some wandering through Vips restaurants.

At the moment, in theory, you should see them everywhere. A whopping 10,000 of them from all over Latin America, have gathered to take part in the 15th Annual Clown Convention. I saw a video and read articles, but nowhere could I find out exactly where the convention is. I examined some photos, and at last saw a recognisable landmark – the monument to mothers.

So off I set yesterday morning, the last day of the convention, in the hope of finding some clowns to photograph. I got to the monument. Nada. Just the usual gangs of glue sniffing homeless young men. Shame. This is a wide open space that could be put to great use for minimal expense. Let’s hope the regeneration that has fixed up Calle Regina and is fixing up the Monument to the Revolution as I speak, makes it here soon.


2 thoughts on “Clowning Around

  1. Being a bit clownaphobic, I would have stayed far away from any such convention. Can’t put my finger on the exact reason, but they make me uncomfortable. Always have.

    Oh btw, I’m going to try these disqus comments you speak so highly of. Hope there is not issue with importing the google comments, and hope that the new format doesn’t discourage folks from commenting. vamos a ver


  2. A clownaphobe! I used to be. I went to a circus when I was about four, and burst into tears the moment the clowns took to the ring, and forced my family’s early departure. Actually I think I was with my aunt. No matter, I got over it!

    A Disqus convertee! At last! 🙂


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