Noche de las Alebrijes

Today was the fourth annual Alebrijes parade through the streets of the Centro Historico, going all the way down Reforma avenue. It’s become a seriously big attraction, drawing more people to line the streets than ever before. It’s always good fun, and I’ve mentioned these fantastical monster like creatures before.

What exactly are alebrijes? They’re just papier mache creations that originated from a hallucination experienced by a chap called Pedro, about which Wiki can tell you all. You’ll find miniature alebrijes being sold in virtually every folk art or handicrafts markets in Mexico City and far beyond, and there’s always plenty of the big ones on display at the Museo de Arte Popular.

Sadly, I didn’t have time to watch the whole parade, due to the fact I work Saturdays, and the parade kicks off early these days at noon. But I managed to catch a few of them when I jumped off the metro at Allende and walked up to Metro Hidalgo to complete my journey to work. Click here to see all the photos on Flickr.

Blue Flag Fury


3 thoughts on “Noche de las Alebrijes

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  2. Dan in NC says:

    No idea of the purpose of these fantastical creatures, but surely the artists involved have had a few nightmares on acid or mushrooms? The colours are so vibrant and full of life, yet totally unreal! LOVE THEM! Thanks for the glimpse!
    Dan in NC


    • I’m guessing the purpose of them is to allow people to expand their imaginations and bring them to life! And I’d be surprised if none of the creators indulged in a little hallucinogenic fun.

      They are great!


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